(3/10/2003) Here are the shootout benchmarks that have been ported to D so far:

Note that most of these are just quick ports I did. They may not take advantage of D's syntax or be optimized yet.

Below are some benchmark results for Windows. Hardware is a 2.2 Ghz P4M 1GB RAM (Dell C840 laptop), running Windows 2000 Professional SP3.

Would the hash scores for D be about the same as C if it were using something like simple_hash.h?

The ary3 benchmark doesn't show much for semi-fast languages because you're almost always memory bandwidth limited. I may post a read-only version of this test at some point.

msvc settings: /Ox
gcc settings: -O3 -pipe -fomit-frame-pointer -mcpu=pentium3
dmd settings: -O -inline -release
csc settings: /o /unsafe

Times are in seconds

ackermann (12)3.0052.9296.0649.017
ary3 (1000000)9.56710.2099.2559.097
wc (KJV Bible repeated 40 times)1.8871.6481.4293.017
except (500000)2.6705.4852.6207.459
fibo (42)6.5976.7625.9108.051
hash (1000000)1.9542.65314.9293.013
hash2 (2000)4.4404.05932.16221.041
matrix (100000)7.0397.05116.29310.782
sieve (100000)7.5138.1948.56430.864

Here are some benchmark results for Linux:

// DDevil

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